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Let us answer you some most frequently asked questions…

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27 87 is the birthdate of the founder Romy Kowalewski.

For 27 87 the definition of niche or the artistic perfumery is the motivation behind the creation. Artistic perfumes transmit emotions and tell a personal story, they are not motivated by the market trends neither have any limitations in terms of concept or composition. Like in arts – artistic perfumery is first and foremost a self-expression, a personal message, a statement. We create perfumes only! 27 87 perfumes chose to represent the modern lifestyle by creating unusual and interesting scent compositions that reflect today’s culture and turn the attention towards locally handcrafted artisanal production.

27 87 perfumes are 100% made in Barcelona – from A to Z: the juice, the bottle, and the packaging.

The notes show olfactive development of a perfume. After spraying, a perfume opens with the top notes which are light and usually last up to 10-30 minutes. Top notes give you the first impression of a perfume. After top notes, you can smell the middle notes, also known as the “heart notes” – these notes give the core to the perfume and usually classify the fragrance family to which your perfume belongs to. Followed by the long-lasting base notes, which help to slow down the evaporation of the lighter notes and last the longest. A fragrance which does not have a traditional top, middle and base note is usually described as “linear”, in our collection it is the case of GENETIC BLISS.

You can’t buy one without trying it! We offer a discovery kit that comes with 2ml samples of each 27 87 perfume and blotters. The best way to explore a scent is to try it on both – the blotter and your skin. Take a few minutes to wonder after spraying the scent on the blotter, the alcohol will subside, and you will be able to smell the top notes of the perfume. Then, try the perfume on your skin, consider the fact that what actually stays on skin are the middle and the base notes. Your body chemistry and the “natural smell” of your skin will affect the way the perfume will open up and develop on your skin. See how the scent interacts with your skin and mood during the day, and if it’s meant to be and if it’s real love – you can order your favourite perfume in a size of 87ml from our online store. NB! The only difference might occur with our perfume called GENETIC BLISS, which is a linear scent and is designed to be used separately or together with other 27 87 perfumes since the smell stays the same due to its molecular structure.

It depends on you. All our scents are completely different from each other – they have their own unique scent personality and are designed to be worn alone. Combining and wearing them at the same time would be like wearing all sorts of colours and textures in one – they might kill each other.
The only perfume that is designed to act as a scent booster and is aligned with all other perfumes is GENETIC BLISS – you can wear it in combination with every 27 87 perfume. However, the main point of wearing perfume is a self-expression and smelling the way you want, so feel free to experiment with special combinations depending on your body chemistry and the momentum.

Fashions fade, styles stay. As with clothing – we create a character and express ourselves by wearing certain shoes or jackets, we choose the items depending on our personality and mood. The same can be done while choosing and wearing a perfume, and that’s why we created four different collections – to fit and to add to the different events and occasions in life. As Coco Chanel said that a perfume should be unseen and unforgettable – an ultimate accessory.

All 27 87 perfumes are unisex. We do not discriminate. You should wear the scent that feels like you, no matter what.

The long-lastingness of a scent depends on many external factors, such as weather conditions, humidity, skin type, etc. You can prolong the life of a scent on your skin by applying an unscented lotion, cream or oil before the application of your favourite perfume. All our perfumes are designed to last as long as possible while maintaining the integrity of the intended scent – most of our scents last up to the whole day. When using on the fabrics and clothing the lifespan of a scent might be longer than a day.

The concentration depends on the perfume, as the percentage of concentration influences which facet of the scent is more dominant and recognizable, we decided to choose the concentration of each perfume according to the olfactive facet we are looking for to emphasize on. However, we are always making sure that each and every 27 87 perfume is as long-lasting as possible and has a concentration of Eau de Parfum.

No. 27 87 perfumes are modern, and we prefer not to kill it by smelling like Louis XIV. Natural ingredients give depth and richness to the scent, while synthetic ingredients bring out the diversity. If to speak about the quality, then the synthetic raw materials are not of an inferior quality to the natural ones, quite the opposite. We are very conscious of our surroundings and use synthetic ingredients that help to preserve the environment.

Yes. All 27 87 perfumes are compatible with vegan principles and do not contain any intentionally added animal ingredient or ingredients derived from animals.

Yes. 27 87 perfumes are not tested on animals and follow the cruelty-free philosophy. Our supplier of perfume ingredients fully supports the principle of the 3Rs, invests in the development of replacement of animal testing and is member of the European Partnership for the Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA).

Yes. All phases of the production of 27 87 perfumes follow the eco-friendly standards. Our packaging is made of recycled materials, therewith 100% recyclable and is designed to be reusable.

Yes. The whole packaging and the glass are 100% recyclable.

The packaging – the box – is designed to be reusable, and we kindly encourage all our perfume lovers to get creative by using it as a stationary or home décor object. It might serve also as a collector’s pick, since the decorative design of the packaging is changing within a certain period of time. On the contrary to the packaging, the glass container is not reusable due to the legal standards that must be met (e.g. in Arabian countries it is not allowed to supply reusable perfume bottles as people would have an easy access to alcohol etc.).

27 87 perfume production follows strict IFRA regulations. We haven’t had any complaints about the allergies, though, let us know in case you might have any allergic reactions.

To guarantee the best quality and the longest lifespan of a perfume you should pay attention to the storage. Keep your perfume away from the heat (18-20 C degrees is the ideal storage temperature) and direct sun light. Just like with best wines, know that a perfume that has never been opened and used before, and that has been kept in a dark cold place can last more than 40 years! Please follow carefully our Care Instructions, which you can find in your perfume packaging.